Training on E-Commerce

Why Training on E-Commerce by GeAP:

  • India is still in a nascent stage in implementation of E-Auctions and E-Commerce
  • E-Auctions and E-Commerce need to become a way of doing business due to proven benefits
  • Business must use E-Auctions and E-Commerce now for enhancing efficiency and improving the bottom line
  • There is shortage of trained manpower to carry out E-Auctions and E-Commerce activities.

In view of above, Global Institute for E-Commerce imparts necessary training to industries and various other sectors to develop people carry out E-Auctions and E-Commerce activities effectively.

Global E-Auctions and E-Procurement is interfaced with Global Institute for E-Commerce with the following objectives:

  • To abreast and update with latest on E-Commerce and E-Auction
  • To connect E-Auction practice with academia training and research
  • To impart training to clients, students and other targets of society for adopting the E-Mode of transactions

In order to meet the above objectives, GIEC does the following activities:

  • Conducts online and at site training for clients for enabling them conduct E-Auction and E-Commerce at their end. On completing the course successfully, a participant will become a Certified E-Commerce professional
  • The E-Commerce institute proposes to undertake the HRD and Training programs under the Skill India mission of the government