Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, these questions and answers are available on service provider’s website - ( ) for knowledge of bidders. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions :

Q 1. What do I need to do to bid in an E-Auction?

Ans. Only registered users who have a valid login ID & password can bid in an E-Auction. When you register, you will receive a confirmation that your account has been approved along with login e-mail ID and password.

Q 2. Do I have to pay any fee to participate in an E-Auction?

Ans. No, there is no fee charged to bidders for participating in an E-Auction. However, there can be a fee for registration on E-Auction website.

Q 3. Do I need to register for each E-Auction?

Ans. No, after your registration for the first time, you are automatically registered for each subsequent E-Auction. Before each E-Auction, e-mail reminders will be sent to all registered users.

Q 4. What are the computer system requirements for using the E-Auction system?

Ans. The following requirements need to be fulfilled for optimum use of our E-Auction system: (a) A computer connected to internet (b) The computer should have adequate RAM depending on version of Windows (c)The computer (Desktop / Laptop) should have Windows 7 or above. The website is best viewed in Internet Explorer version 7 or above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. However, you may consult your IT expert for exact details.

Q 5. How do I login to an E-Auction?

Ans. By clicking on the login link at the top right-hand corner of the home page, login page will be displayed. By submitting your e-mail ID and password, you will be able to log into your account.

Q 6. How do I bid?

Ans. Login to E-Auction website. Login with your e-mail ID and password. New page will open. Click on “Bidding”. Enter the bid in your bidding window and enter the same.

Q 7. Can I cancel an unwanted bid?

Ans. After you submit a bid, the E-Auction system will ask you to confirm that bid. After confirmation, the bid cannot be cancelled.

Q 8. What if I get outbid just before the lot closes?

Ans. You can call the helpline number if you are facing any problems regarding the E-Auction at the time of bidding and we will help you at the earliest.

Q 9. What if I cannot bid online?

Ans. If you are unable to access the E-Auction system at the day of E-Auction, we will accept fax-in bids. Please print out the fax-in bid form available on the page for that specific E-Auction, fill it out, and fax it in to the fax number printed on that sheet.

Q 10. What is an Auto bid?

Ans. Auto bid represents the highest amount in case of sale through Forward E-Auction and lowest amount in case of purchase through reverse E-Auction that you are willing to bid for a particular lot. Once a bidder enters an auto bid, the E-Auction system will bid for him up to that amount, increasing or decreasing his bid by the minimum bid increment/decrement only when this auto bid has been outbid by another bidder. This is used in the situations when the bidder cannot be present during the whole FA/RA.

Q 11. Why submit an Auto bid?

Ans. Auto bid saves your time because you don’t have to watch the E-Auction and the computer bids for you. Proxy bids make sure that your bids are recognized, just in case you have to leave your desk, or something happens to your Internet connection during the E-Auction. Proxy bids are especially useful when you are bidding on many lots that are closing within minutes of each other that will make sure that you don’t miss out on lots just because you are bidding on another lot/due to insufficient time.

Q 12. How do I submit an Auto bid?

Ans. After the start of the E-Auction, enter the highest amount in case of sale (FA) and lowest amount in purchase (RA) which you’re willing to pay for the lot. Click on the “Auto bid” box to indicate that it is an Auto bid. Submit and confirm your bid.

Q 13. What is winning bid?

Ans. All the biddings shall commence from a start bid price. But, with the winning bid, it is the last bid in the E-Auction that has been placed by a bidder and it is the highest bid value in case of Forward Auction and the lowest bid value in case of Reverse Auction which has been chosen as the winning bid. “Happy Bidding”!!

Q 14. I closed a bid. What next?

Ans. On being a successful bidder on the closing bid, the E-Auctioneer team will contact you and shall provide to you the details for further proceedings.

Q 15. Can people living abroad participate in biddings?

Ans. Yes, you can choose the currency of that country for participation if you are a foreign bidder.

Q 16. Can I submit multiple bids for the same product?

Ans. There is no limit on the number of bids that can be placed.

Q 17. How will I know if I am the successful bidder in the bid?

Ans. On the completion of the E-Auction, an e-mail shall be sent to the winning bidder and your mail ID will be displayed against the winning bidder ID. In addition, on your bidding window you will see sign of H1/L1 in case of forward/ reverse auction.

Q 18. How will I come to know if an E-Auction has ended?

Ans. At the completion of the E-Auction time, a message will be displayed as “RA/FA is closed”.

Q 19. Is making online payment at E-Auction site secure?

Ans. Yes, it is secured.

Q 20. Whom to contact for any query?

Ans. You may reach out to us using the customer helpline number& you will receive a response immediately.

Q 21. I can’t place any bids / the site is running really slow / the counters aren’t moving at all!

Ans. Try and avoid streaming or downloading large files. You could try and ensure that other computers aren’t using your bandwidth and so close all other network applications except your internet browser to avoid any connection problems while bidding.

Q 22. Are E-Auction events private or public?

Ans. Each E-Auction is a highly confidential event conducted between the E-Auctioneer and a set of qualified bidders on E-Auction platform. No outsider can view any aspect of an E-Auction event without proper authentication by the E-Auctioneer. Therefore, all data like items’ specifications, pricing, bidders’ information and bid data are all confidential and available to E-Auctioneers only.

Q 23. How can a bidder register on the E-Auction portal?

Ans. To participate as a Bidder, Registration is a simple process. Navigate to the registration form from the Home page. Select “Register as Individual or Company” and fill out all the required details. Go through User Agreement & Privacy Policy and click on the ‘Register’ button. It is a simple registration form with minimum details for identification and security. Go ahead, take a look and register.

Q 24. How can I change my password?

Ans. Choose option “Change password” in the profile page of the Buyer/Seller profile and then you will be able to change your password.

Q 25. What if I forget my password?

Ans. Choose the link “Forgot password?” after clicking on the login link an e-mail with a new password will be sent to you. Choose the change password link to change the existing password to a new password.