Sr. VP & Senior Specialist

    Currently he is organizing the E-Auctions of Global E-Auction, as Senior Vice President and Senior Specialist

  • S.K. Rakshit, A graduate had a long experience in one of the brands and premier automobile company, Maruti and worked in various functions and disciplines including innovation in Scrap Management. He also worked with Indian Air Force.

  • He was responsible for creating Scrap Management and related functions in Maruti which acclaimed value addition to Maruti.

  • He worked more than a decade in a large E-Auctioning company of India bringing innovation, new ways of E-Auctioning and contributing immensely for streamlining procedures for bidders and clients.

  • He created unique eAuctions contributing to E-Auctioning of scrap of different categories for various companies

  • He has tracked dynamics of Steel Scrap markets, designede E-Tender, E-Auction Management system, integrating Financial Management System and PMS-Production Management System.

  • He has the COPYRIGHTS on Two stage tendering process for Scrap Sale and Steel Scrap reconciliation system.