Global Institute for E-Commerce

About the GIEC:

  • E-Commerce and E-Auctions have become a way of doing business
  • There is a pressing need to use E-Commerce and E-Auctions efficiently and effectively to optimize the process and costs
  • There is a need for trained human resources to carryout E-Commerce and E-Auctions operations meeting the aims, objectives and target business of the company
  • For achieving the above, GeAP has created a special portal known as Global Institute for E-Commerce for imparting training and consultancy to clients as per their needs

Global E-Auctions is interfaced with Global Institute for E-Commerce with the following objectives:

  • To keep abreast with and up to date with latest developments in E-Commerce and E-Auction
  • To connect E-Auctions practice with academia training and research
  • To impart training to clients, students and other target of society to adopt the E-Mode of transactions

What GIEC does:

  • Conducts online and on-site trainings for industrial and commercial organizations
  • Takes up E-Commerce consultancy
  • For more details, please visit

Our MD, Dr. S. B. Saraswat has written a book “A Practical Guide To E-Auctions” 75 Ideas for increasing your Company’s profit

This book covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the E-Auctions
  • Planning and designing the E-Auctions
  • Understanding the pitfalls of E-Auctions
  • Comprehensive and practical guide to conduct E-Auctions
  • The book contains 10 inspirational stories which motivates companies to adopt E-Auctions for selling and purchasing of amenable items
  • Book gives a splendid view of 75 creative Ideas to increase the profit for companies

For more details on book, please visit the link as per below: