Forward Auctions

  • In Forward Auction, bidders make the highest bid to get the sale of goods and services from the seller. FA is used for sale of goods and services

Reverse Auctions

  • In Reverse Auction, bidders bid the lowest bid to supply the goods and services to the buyers. RA is used for purchase of goods and services and finalization of contracts

E-Rank Auctions

  • In E-Rank Auctions, bidders are not able to see the bids of other bidders. They can see only their rank and last bid. Bidders bid on the philosophy of “bid to win” to get the highest/lowest rank as the case may be. Rank E-Auction also helps in controlling the cartel formation. In this type of E-Auction, the client is able to keep his prices confidential except for the H1/ L1 bidders

E-Transport Auctions

  • E-Transport Auctions are used for finalization of transportation contracts for various destinations and types of Vehicles. These E-Auctions work on RA platform

E-International Shipping Auctions

  • E-International Shipping Auctions are used for finalization of shipping and logistics rates for import and export of materials. There is a provision to get rates for Door to Door delivery of goods from one country to other, including charges for custom clearance

E-Bank Auctions

  • We are regularly conducting E-Auctions for disposal of moving and non-moving assets acquired from defaulters by the banks to recover bank loans. We are able to get good prices by fixing accurate start bid prices and locating end users of the materials to be disposed. We are conducting E-Auctions for disposal of assets like old machinery, complete plants and vehicles etc. We conduct E-Auction for purchasing and contracting to meet the internal requirements of the bank

E-Auctions for Old Machinery and Equipments

  • It is our specialty to sell old machineries, equipment and non-performing assets of the industries which is a challenging task as prices are not usually available for these items. We estimate the realistic prices for conducting the E-Auctions and we also try to locate the end users which results into better realization

E-Auctions for Surplus Inventory / Idle Assets / Non-Moving items

  • We conduct E-Auctions for disposal of surplus & non-moving inventory, stores & consumables and idle assets/ non-moving items. For this, we have a number of bidders available PAN India

E-Salvage Auctions

  • These E-Auctions are conducted for disposal of salvaged and reconditioned items. Such E-Auctions are very popular now a days

E-Property Auctions

  • We conduct E-Auctions for sale of properties of banks and new project developers. E-Property Auctions facilitate both the buyer and seller as they have not to spend much money and efforts. We have got good number of bidders for purchase of properties in our database

E-Future Advance Auctions

  • E-Future Advance Auctions are conducted for materials which are not actually available but are likely to be generated in future. Such E-Auctions are done in advance to fix the prices for the materials to be lifted depending upon the storage capacity at the generation plant

E-Auctions for E-Waste & Hazardous materials

  • We conduct E-Auctions for E-Waste and hazardous materials strictly as per the guidelines and recommendations of Central/State Pollution Control Boards. The bidders who are having proper certificate for handling of E-Waste and for processing of hazardous materials are allowed to participate in the E-Auctions. The bidders have to submit a copy of certificate which is checked and cleared by the client.

We have a robust database of bidders in this category and as such are able to get good prices for our clients